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Let’s talk about Africa!

Africa is the hottest continent on Earth, yet therein are some of the world’s lushest forests, dramatic coastlines, and diverse languages, cultures and ecosystems. The African plains are home to a wide range of wildlife.

These include the world’s fastest land animal, the cheetah, the biggest animal on land, elephants; and one of the oldest animals on Earth, the tortoise.

All about Africa

Let’s Talk About Africa

Africa is also the 2nd largest continent, covering over 30 million km2. There are 54 countries in Africa. Furthermore, the diversity spans the whole continent. The pyramids of Egypt are most popular in North Africa

West Africa is home to the most populous country in the continent, and the finest African footballers. East Africa is renowned for its athletic prowess as well as national parks and game reserves.

East Africa is also home to the famous Masai people – and the Maasai/ Masai Mara. Central Africa has an abundance of natural resources. But sadly, this natural wealth has resulted in endless conflicts in this region.

We seek to tell the story of Africa from an African’s perspective, unlike the distorted stories told in much of the rest of the world.