Africa Capitals Quiz – Do you know the Capital Cities of all African Countries?

Here is an Africa quiz. The Africa countries quiz is about the capital cities of the 54 countries in Africa. This Africa capitals quiz covers all the 54 African Nations.

They include Tunisia in North Africa, Nigeria in the West, Kenya in East Africa, The Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa and South Africa in the South of the continent.

The countries in this Africa capitals quiz are arranged in random order. The answer to the previous question is displayed at the top of the quiz when you move to the next question.

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Some African Countries have changed their capital cities. One of these nations is Tanzania whose capital was moved, in 1974, from Dar es Salaam on the coast of the Indian Ocean to the inland city of Dodoma. Dodoma is in the central region of Tanzania.

Other big African cities that used to be the capitals are Lagos in Nigeria and Bujumbura in Burundi. The biggest city is almost always the capital city in most countries in Africa.

Africa Capitals Quiz – Do you know the Capital Cities of all African Countries?

Some of the 54 countries in Africa, however, are the exception to this rule. Casablanca in Morocco, for example, is the largest city in the North African nation. But it is not the capital city. The seventh largest city called Rabat is the capital city of Morocco.
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