African football teams quiz
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African Football Teams And their Nicknames Quiz

Here is an African football teams and their nicknames quiz. The Africa quiz covers the countries that perform well in…

African flags quiz
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African Flags Quiz: Can You Identify these African Flags?

Africa Capitals Quiz
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Africa Capitals Quiz – Do you know the Capital Cities of all African Countries?

Here is an Africa quiz. The Africa countries quiz is about the capital cities of the 54 countries in Africa….

North African countries map
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List of North African Countries and the Territory of Western Sahara

There are six North African countries according to the United Nations (U.N). In addition, Northern Africa is home to one…

Spanish speaking countries in Africa
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Spanish Speaking Countries in Africa: Spanish Country In Africa

Equatorial Guinea is the only Spanish speaking country in Africa. This is because Equatorial Guinea was colonized by Spain. The…